June 2021 CEO Message

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Published: Monday, June 28, 2021 

Dear HFSV Friend, 

I am reaching out personally today to invite you to support this year's Hispanic Foundation Celebration. That's right, I did not use the word Ball. For the last 32 years, this annual event has not only been the signature event for the Hispanic community of Silicon Valley to convene and celebrate successes, but also a crucial source of funding for the organization.

As much as we are mourning the many lives lost due to the pandemic, the Latinx Community of Silicon Valley is resilient, has grit and will move forward. At this year’s annual event we plan to celebrate exactly that!

Please take a moment and watch the video above to learn about how this year’s celebration will be different than in past years.

We need your support more than ever! Please save the date for Saturday, October 16, 2021. Seating will be limited at the in person event. The event will be live streamed and you can reserve your virtual seat here.

Share this news with decision-makers who can help sponsor the Hispanic Foundation Celebration. If you are interested in being a sponsor please email Clara Roa at clara@hfsv.org.

Thank you for your past support and consideration of this request,

Ron Gonzales, 
President & CEO, 
Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley
The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley depends on donations from individuals like you. With your involvement, we are addressing the needs of the Latino community, expanding the philanthropic pie and increasing our charitable impact.

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