Latinas in STEM Conference

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Purpose: The conference was designed to bring together Latinas in the STEM workforce to share their stories, provide insights and guidance in navigating the workplace. The conference offered a space for Latinas in the Latinos In Technology Scholarship Program to network with other Latinas in STEM, and meet influential professional Latinas in Silicon Valley.

The Latinas in STEM Conference is in part with our Latinx Speaker Series which aims to convene diverse sectors of our Latinx communty and hear from distingushed speakers about an interesting subject affecting our community. 

The conference brought together over 100 Latinas in STEM career or pursuing a STEM career.

  • Navigating the hiring process
  • Tips and Tricks to Stand Out!
  • Workplace culture as a Latina
  • Resilience & Success: Overcoming Struggle
The following are snippets of some our guest speakers:

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