Family of Farmworkers Turned Scholars

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Published: Thursday, September 16, 2021 

The Latinx Scholar Chat is an interview series with our 399 Latinos in Technology Scholarship Recipients, and the President and CEO of the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, Ron Gonzales. The interview series gives you a glimpse into our scholars' lives, unveils their aspirations, and their college journey, one conversation at a time.

In this video, we welcome Sergio Martinez, a scholar majoring in Statistics at CSU Monterey Bay. Sergio comes from a family of farmworkers turned scholars, and mentions the importance of following suit and giving back to his community in this chat. Over the summer, Sergio taught young students how to code at McKinley Elementary School in San Jose through Calculus Roundtable, a new program partner for the Hispanic Foundation. Additionally, Sergio shares with us that his career path is limited simply because he does not know of too many Latinx professionals who've majored in Statistics. Despite this challenge, Sergio continues to pave the way for Latinx students pursuing a career in STEM.

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