Latinos in Technology Scholarship Initiative Kicks Off with Major Support

Oct 8, 2015:

San José, Calif. --- While Latinos make up 28% of the population of Silicon Valley, only about 3% of high technology employees are Latino. The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley is addressing that disparity with the Latinos in Technology Scholarship Initiative. The Initiative seeks to provide up to100 scholarships annually for five years to Latino college students who have chosen a STEM major (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Its first major sponsor is Intel Corporation, who is pledging $3.75 million over the next five years. Intel’s pledge represents 25 percent of HFSV’s goal to obtain Silicon Valley corporate support for 100 scholarships per year for five years. In addition, Intel has committed to offer each student an internship for two summers as part of the initiative and a full time job on successful completion of their degree.

The initiative also will include a “Family College Success Center” (FCSC) that will help Latino students and their families to prepare to attend and graduate from college. The FCSC will serve as a “one-start-shop” for college-aspiring middle and high school students and their parents to obtain college access information, advice, guidance, workshops and on-line resources.

“Intel’s leadership is immensely gratifying as we continue to take steps to increase education opportunities for Latinos as well as begin to close the high tech employment diversity gap,” said Ron Gonzales, President and CEO of the foundation. “These programs will contribute both to a sustainable future for the economy of our region, but also to the personal and professional futures of many Latino families.”

“Intel needs a diverse workforce to create the best products, serve our global markets and create an inclusive environment for our employees,” said Brian Krzanich, Intel, Chief Executive Officer. “Our recent report showed that we have work to do to grow the technical Latino population at Intel, and we hope programs like this will set us on that path.”

“Improving the lives of Silicon Valley Latinos through educational opportunities is one of the Hispanic Foundation’s three pillar priorities, and we’re successfully engaging high tech leadership to help us achieve this goal and address the diversity imbalance in Silicon Valley tech companies,” said Gonzales.

“So far, we’ve raised enough to support 33 scholars, and we’re confident that Intel’s strong and early commitment will encourage other local corporations to join the initiative soon.”

The HFSV plans to start accepting student applications in early 2016 so that scholarships can be used for fall enrollments.

Applicants must have graduated from a Silicon Valley high school and be a college junior with a declared STEM major at any university in the country. Scholarship awards will be based on need. Immigrant students under the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will be eligible to apply.

Initially leading the Latinos in Technology Initiative will be HFSV Board Members: Jorge Titinger, CEO of SGI; Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix; Raquel Gonzalez, Market President of Bank of America; Lou Sanchez, former SVP of Human Resources of PayPal and Carl Guardino, CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

About the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley
The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley (HFSV) cultivates philanthropy and inspires Hispanic children and families to achieve personal greatness. The HFSV engages leadership and bridges resources to invest in a thriving Hispanic community. Resources are directed toward educational excellence, leadership development, research, and convening and engaging the Hispanic community to improve the quality of life for Latinos and the Silicon Valley region.

Ron Gonzales, President & CEO, Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley; (408) 216-7643
Gail Dundas, Intel Corporation; 503-816-2382