Netflix Executive Joins Hispanic Foundation Board

Sep 15, 2014:

LOS GATOS, September 15, 2014—Reed Hastings, the chairman and chief executive of Netflix, is joining the board of The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, a leader in philanthropy for the area’s fast-growing Latino community.

“Reed is a talented entrepreneur and a leader in educational philanthropy and thinking,” said Ron Gonzales, HFSV President and CEO. “We are delighted to have one of the best-respected and best known Silicon Valley business leaders join our board and focus more directly on the Hispanic Community.” 

“The HFSV plays a critical role in helping and inspiring Hispanic families and their children to achieve personal greatness,” said Hastings. “I’m passionate about great education and leadership training and excited to be working with HFSV, the board and the community to help Hispanic kids in the Valley reach their full potential.”

Latinos account for 26% of the overall population of Silicon Valley and are projected to be the largest population group by 2040. While increasingly influential in government, commerce and education, Latino families in the Valley often have lower incomes and face challenges in finding affordable housing and good quality education and health care.

In addition to co-founding Netflix, now the world’s leading Internet TV Network, Hastings was founder of another successful Silicon Valley company, Pure Software, which was acquired by Rational Software in 1997. He is an active educational philanthropist and served on the California Board of Education from 2000 to 2004. He is currently on the board of several educational organizations including CCSA, Dreambox Learning, KIPP and Pahara. Hastings is also a board member of Facebook and was on the board of Microsoft from 2007 to 2012. Hastings received his BA from Bowdoin College in 1982 and an MSCS in Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University in 1988.

Since 1990, HFSV has played a critical role in convening the Hispanic Community and engaging people to invest in educational achievement, leadership development and volunteer work to improve quality of life and assure a better future for Latino families and their children. Through its annual Hispanic Foundation Ball and other philanthropic programs, the Foundation so far has invested over $3 million in charitable resources in the success of Silicon Valley’s Latino Community.