Partnering with Empowered Students

Jun 24, 2019:

Silicon Valley, CA -- The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley has partnered with Empowered Students to support the Latinos In Technology Scholarship program by providing their Career Coaching program to 60 scholars. The Career Coaching program includes a four week online, a micro-learning experience that is 10 minutes a day, weekly group coaching calls via video chat, and access to a private LinkedIn group. The partnership will take place between the months of May through September of 2019.

Latinos account for a large percentage of the Silicon Valley population (26%). The Latino community will double in population in the next 30 years, and yet, less than 3% of them are in the high-tech industry. It is important to note that these statistics are for the industry’s total workforce including non-technical positions. So, it would be safe to speculate the problem is even greater for technical and executive positions.

Through the Empowered Students’ career coaching program, LITSI Scholars will receive coaching that will assist them in landing life-altering business internships and jobs upon graduation. In order to do so, Empowered Students will increase the knowledge of LITSI Scholars in the realm of

○ Relationship Building Skills
○ Business Communication
○ Personal Branding
○ Business Networking
○ Professionalism & Confidence

For more information, contact the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley at 408.216.7612 or Empowered Students at 408.551.3763.

About the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley

The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley is a public foundation which cultivates philanthropy and inspires Hispanic children and families to achieve personal greatness. Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley engages leadership and bridges resources to invest in a thriving Latino community. Resources are directed toward educational excellence, leadership development, and convening and engaging the Hispanic community to improve the quality of life for Latinos and the Silicon Valley region.

About the Latinos in Technology Scholarship Program The Latinos In Technology Scholarship (LITS) program will provide up to 100 scholarships annually for five (5) years to incoming Latino college juniors who have chosen a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) related major. Additionally, sponsoring corporate investors will provide summer internships to the scholarship recipients.

About Empowered Students

Empowered Students is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that empowers first-generation and low income students to land life-altering internships and jobs. Our mission is to empower first-generation and low-income college students with the skills, confidence, experiences, and networks needed to land life-altering internships and jobs upon graduation---which lead to meaningful careers, lives of impact, and positions of leadership. These outcomes radiate a positive ripple effect with family members, high school friends, and members in their hometown communities.