La Familia Award

La Familia Award recognizes and awards an exemplary Latino Familia that is inspirational to others, in community volunteerism and engagement. A familia that has had a tremendous impact in the community they serve. Our goal is to recognize everyday Latino families that are performing extraordinary community activities through their volunteerism. We want to identify the tireless "unsung heroes" that are committed to making our community a better place. The selected familia will be honored at the Foundation’s annual gala event, the Hispanic Foundation Ball.

Past Winners

  • 2018 La Familia Award
    La Familia Guel
  • 2017 La Familia award
    La Familia Escámez
  • 2016 La Familia Award
    Cervantes Family
  • 2015 La Familia Award
    Guerrero Family
  • 2014 La Familia Award
    Guzman Family
  • 2013 La Familia Award
    Ramirez Family
  • 2012 La Familia Award
    Santiago Family
  • 2011 La Familia Award
    Zazueta Family
  • 2010 La Familia Award
    Payne Family
  • 2009 La Familia Award
    Alcario and Carmen Castellano Family
  • 2008 La Familia Award
    Lisa and Oscar Garcia Family
  • 2007 La Familia Award
    Susan and Al Camarillo Family
  • 2006 La Familia Award
    Louis and Stella Sandoval Family
  • 2005 La Familia Award
    Rita and Joe Medina Family
  • 2004 La Familia Award
    Martha and Mario Campos Family
  • 2003 La Familia Award
    Consuelo and Carlos Avitia Family
  • 2002 La Familia Award
    Alicia and Joe López Family
  • 2001 La Familia Award
    Victoria and Ramón Durán Family
  • 2000 La Familia Award
    Mary Helen and Valentine DeLeón Family
  • 1999 La Familia Award
    Guadalupe and Indalecio Pérez Family
  • 1998 La Familia Award
    Matilde and Humberto Herrera Family
  • 1997 La Familia Award
    Luz and Victor Estrella Family
  • 1996 La Familia Award
    Raquel and Vicente Pérez Family
  • 1995 La Familia Award
    Antonia and Rogelio Balderas Family
  • 1994 La Familia Award
    Maria Cruz and Jose Transito Carrillo Family
  • 1993 La Familia Award
    Esperanza and Daniel Morales Family
  • 1992 La Familia Award
    Antonia and Manuel Chacón Family
  • 1991 La Familia Award
    Lenore and Jorge Rodríguez Family
  • 1990 La Familia Award
    Martha and Angel Ríos Family

The 2018 Visionario Award

The Visionario Award is presented to an individual or organization who has demonstrated visionary leadership as an investor in one of the Foundation’s initiatives.This year’s recipient of the Visionario Award is Coca Cola.

Coca Cola

For the last seven years, Coca-Cola has been a loyal sponsor of the Hispanic Foundation Ball and a generous supporter of the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley’s Parent Education Academies and Family College Success Center.

As one of the most influential corporations in the world, with an extremely loyal consumer base,
Coca-Cola has strived to be a socially responsible company in the United States and worldwide. In 2017, Coca-Cola Company gave back more than $138 million to directly benefit nearly 300 organizations across more than 70 countries and territories. The loyal support of Coca-Cola to our programs has helped the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley grow exponentially and better serve our community in the areas of education excellence, leadership development, and convening and engaging the Latino

The 2018 Pioneros Award

The Pioneros Award is presented to an individual or organization who has been a significant funder of the Foundation’s work to improve the quality of life for Silicon Valley Latinos. This year’s recipient of the Pioneros Award is Google.

Google has been a loyal supporter of the Hispanic Foundation Ball and the foundation programs. Their generosity allowed us to expand one of our flagship programs, the Parent Education Academy, in Mountain View and Sunnyvale where we reached to over 1,100 parents and teachers in just two school years.