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LATINX SPEAKER SERIES 2020 - Latinas in STEM Conference

LATINX SPEAKER SERIES 2020 - A conversation with Latinx Venture Capitalist 

The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley had it's second Latinx Speaker Series on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, a virtual conversation with Latinx Venture Capitalists.  

The event highlighterd the following topics:  
        • How to start a career in venture capital?
        • Do VCs invest in Latinx businesses?
        • How to connect with venture capitalists?

The Latinx Speaker Series allowed our community to gain insight into what it's like to be Latinx in the world of venture capital. With over 150 attendees the event garnered curious community members, entrepreneurs in search of funding, or industry experts. We came together to celebrate the success of our Latinx community and strategize towards a better Silicon Valley.

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With over 350 attendees at our first Latinx Speaker Series on Friday, August 28, 2019, the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley team would like to thank everyone that made this event a success.

1) Gather the various sectors of our Silicon Valley Latinx community such as: high-tech, education, government, and much more.

2) Pull the curtains back and explore how different parts of our community are managed through the words of exciting expert speakers.

The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley held a fireside chat with Francisco Ramos, Vice President of the Spanish Language Originals of Netflix and discussed topics centered around diversity and inclusion, the importance of storytelling, and the economic purchasing power of the Latinx market. The Latinx Speaker Series is designed to pull the curtains back and discuss diversity, inclusion, and representation with top executives for and by the Latinx community.

2018 Silicon Valley Latino Report Card
Silicon Valley Latino Report Card (2018)

This report offers a portrait of Latinos in Silicon Valley and represents the second iteration of the original Silicon Valley Report Card, published 2011. 

Various data sources were woven together to illustrate how Silicon Valley Latinos are faring across the following quality of life domains: Education, Health, Financial Stability, Housing, and Environment. A data matrix has been utilized to assign grades to each source indicator in order to reflect both the well-being of the Latino community in these areas, and perhaps more importantly, how effectively communities and systems support Latinos in achieving their full potential. 

This report represents trend data across each domain for Silicon Valley Latinos (as compared to non-Latinos in the region where possible). 

To view the full report click on the link: 2018 Silicon Valley Latino Report Card
To view our interactive dashboard with quick summaries of each category click on the link: Interactive Dashboard 2018 Silicon Valley Latino Report Card
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Voices of Change (2014)

Our Nuestro Futuro community engagement initiative and the resulting “Voices of Change”report is the most comprehensive survey to date to capture the unsolicited voices of Silicon Valley Latinos. The way we accomplished this goal was through the involvement of the Latino community.

Overall, more than 2,200 individuals participated in the Nuestro Futuro Initiative.  The majority of participants were immigrants, women, and low-income individuals with less than a high school education.  In addition, most of the respondents had never been asked to give their input on quality of life issues before the survey.

Among the key findings that emerged from this assessment:

  • Nearly nine in ten (87%) Latinos view the quality of life of Latinos in Silicon Valley as being OK or better.
  • Education is considered the most important issue to address.
  • Latinos are more likely to get involved in non-electoral forms of civic engagement (e.g., attending meetings and volunteering) than electoral forms of engagement (e.g., voting, contacting public officials).
Please click here to view the Nuestro Futuro report
Silicon Valley Latino Report Card (2011)

On March 18, 2011, the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley released the first Silicon Valley Latino Report card to a gathering of over 300 community leaders who stood ready to go to work.  The results?  A mix of good news, challenges, and a roadmap for potential long-term solutions to some of the challenges facing Silicon Valley.  The Latino Report Card was compiled from existing and original research and grades five quality of life areas for Latinos – Education, Health, Financial Stability, Housing and Environmental Sustainability.

The release of the research and the community gathering built around it, come on the heels of the release of 2010 U.S. Census data that showed a Latino population of 661,000 in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, totaling 26% of the population of Silicon Valley. Today, one in four people living in Silicon Valley are Latino and in just thirty years, Latinos will be the region’s largest population group.

The Silicon Valley Latino Report Card is the first document to provide a “baseline” of information about the quality of life for Latinos in Silicon Valley. These results must now inspire engagement and fuel action towards the well-being of Latinos and all Silicon Valley residents. The top-line results of the first ever Silicon Valley Latino Report Card were given letter grades A through F. However, under each grade, the report provides sub-grades on individual aspects of each topic. The Report Card also chooses an element to “spotlight” under each topic –drawing attention to issues that are not typically discussed in relation to Latinos, but are important to their well-being.

Please click here to view the Silicon Valley Latino Report Card.

Familia, Fe y Comunidad (2005)

In 2005, the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley co-published with the Community Foundation Silicon Valley a study looking at the giving patterns of Silicon Valley Latinos. The groundbreaking report, Familia, Fe y Comunidad, did much to dispel the myths about Latino philanthropy. Download the report in English (PDF) or Spanish (PDF)

The findings clearly showed that Silicon Valley Latinos were very generous in giving and active in volunteering and that their giving patterns are direct, personal, informal and community-focused. Latinos in Silicon Valley significantly underreport their giving and volunteering activities.