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Diversifying the Future High-Tech Workforce

The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley (HFSV) published in 2011 the first Silicon Valley Latino Report Card to better understand the livelihood of Latinos in Silicon Valley. The results of the report provided substantial data, analysis, and comparisons about the challenges Latinos face every day and also sharpened HFSV's mission to improve the quality of life for Latinos in Silicon Valley through education. 

In early 2014, HFSV went into Latino neighborhoods and asked families to participate in a survey; a project that generated over 2,000 responses. The result of this was the Voices of Change report published in late 2014. The report indicated 40% of the participants place education as the most important challenge, and increasing youth programs to prevent student dropouts is the solution.

In 2016, the Hispanic Foundation College Success Center (HFCSC), a hub designed for Latino youths and parents to increase educational opportunities was opened (the first of its kind in the region). A one-stop hub that encapsulates our "cradle to career" course of action empowering middle school, high school, and college students and their parents to excel through education efforts. HFSC helps both students and parents obtain information on college access, advice, guidance, workshops, and online resources.


The HFCSC’s primary objectives are to contribute to higher high school graduation rates; improve college readiness, increase student and parent knowledge about the college journey, growing numbers of students attending college; increase college graduation rates, and increase the number of Latinos employed in the high tech industry. 


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2019 Winter Program!  Program Calendar 


SAT PREP Workshop - High School Juniors
Partner: College Spring
Dates: TBD

SAT Prep classes will provide students with 35 hours of SAT and college admission support, a proprietary curriculum that addresses student scoring, and instructors that understand their community and school cultures.

The goal is to raise scores and learn how to leverage the SAT. College Spring provides students with the opportunity to apply to colleges and universities, begin higher education at a four-year, attend colleges with high graduation rates, and test out of remedial courses and have successful first years at a higher ed institution.

Elevate Math + | 8th Grade Students
Partner: Silicon Valley Education Foundation/ALearn
Dates: TBD

Selected 8th-grade students are invited by their districts to enroll in Elevate [Math] Plus. Students receive up to 50 hours of additional math support from district teachers. This school year program is designed to offer current students direct support throughout their Common Core math class.

CliftonStrengths Workshop 
Dates: TBD

The CliftonStrengths Workshop provides 11th-12th-grade students with the unique opportunity to learn about their top strengths and how to leverage them for their own success. Through the CliftonStrengths assessment, students are provided with their top five strengths. They then participate in a 2.5-hour workshop with a Gallup Certified Coach which dives deeper into the results. Through the workshop, students will receive strategies to use their strengths to succeed and tools to understand and manage their weaknesses. 

Girls Who Code Club - High School Students (6th-8th Grade)
Partner: Girls Who Code • Volunteer Opportunities
Dates Cohort 1 (KIPP Heritage Academy): Every Monday at 4:05 pm starting September 30, 2019.
Cohort 2 ( KIPP Prize Preparatory Academy):  Every Wednesday at 3:30 pm starting September 4, 2019.
Cohort 3 (ACE Inspire Academy): Every Wednesday at 3:30 pm starting October 9, 2019. 
Cohort 4 (DCP El Camino MS): TBD.
Cohort 5 (DCP Alum Rock MS): Every Thursday from 12:40pm to 1:40pm starting October 3, 2019

The Girls Who Code Club is designed to bring girls to the forefront of STEM education and achievement. The curriculum is designed to engage girls of varying computer science backgrounds. The girls will develop teamwork, time management, confidence and a plethora of other skills that will build their confidence in STEM. The curriculum is developed to have the girls learn computer science by exploring their own interests and ultimately use code to solve a problem.

Parent Education Academy
Partner: Parent Institute for Quality Education
Dates: Every Wednesday at 6:00 pm starting October 9, 2019
Cohort 1 DCP Alum
Rock High School starting October 8, 2019 at 6 pm
Cohort 2 Fisher Middle School: TBD
Cohort 3 DCP El Camino Middle School: TBD
Cohort 4 Capuchino High School starting October 8, 2019 at 6:30

The Parent Education Academy provides families with the knowledge and skills needed to work with schools to ensure their child achieves. In addition to the PEA, a STEM two-lesson curriculum educates parents on the importance of helping their children build a strong foundation in math and science. Parents learn the meaning of STEM and recognize the importance of fostering careers in these areas. They learn fun and interactive ways to teach their children about STEM concepts in their everyday lives. The curriculum also stresses how parents can cultivate their children’s interests towards a STEM career. 

Family College Readiness
Partner: Family Engagement Institute at Foothill- De Anza Community College District
Dates: Every Tuesday from 6 to 8 pm starting September 24, 2019
Location: Sunrise Middle School 

FEI serves as a college bridge program where families and educators together grow the skills, tools, and agency to successfully navigate educational systems and build capacity to promote family engagement, school and workforce readiness, and pathways to postsecondary education.

Email us at FCSC@HFSV.org if you'd like to register! 

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