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Increasing Opportunities for the Latino Community

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Elevate Math for 5th & 6th Graders--SOLD OUT
Map Your Future Academy
College Application Bootcamp

What is the Family College Success Center?
The Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley (HFSV) published the Silicon Valley Latino Report Card in 2011 to better understand the Silicon Valley Latino community as compared to the non-Hispanic community.  The results of the report provided substantial information about the local Latino community and also encouraged the HFSV to further research the quality of life for Latinos in Silicon Valley.  The HFSV went into Latino neighborhoods and asked families to participate in a survey; a project that generated and recorded over 2,000 voices.  The result was the latest publication for the HFSV, the Voices of Change report.  The HFSV now knows better than any other organization what Latinos think and what they believe are the solutions to the challenges their families face living in Silicon Valley.  Nearly 40% of the participants said that education was their most important issue; and increasing youth programs to prevent student dropouts was their top solution.  The Family College Success Center (FCSC) is designed to do just that. The FCSC is designed with the following concept in mind:  to improve the quality of life for Silicon Valley Latinos and the prosperity of the region by increasing the number of Latino students that excel in high school, enter and graduate from college.

The FCSC serves as a resource hub Latino families to increase educational opportunities for Latino students and is the first of its kind in the region, if not the state. It is a “one-start-center” for college aspiring middle and high school students and their parents to obtain college access information, advice, guidance, workshops and on-line resources. 

The FCSC has served hundreds of visitors, and we expect to serve thousands of students and family members by the end of the year.  An operational example of the FCSC is already working at the Café College in San Antonio, Texas which has served 14,000 unduplicated students and parents in its first five years of operation.  The HFSV wants to deliver these same results in Silicon Valley.

The FCSC’s major objectives is to: contribute to higher high school graduation rates; improve college readiness, increase student and parent knowledge about the college journey, increase numbers of students attending college; increase college graduation rates, and increase the number of Latinos employed in the high tech industry.

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