Latinos In Technology Initiative

Diversifying Silicon Valley Tech Companies

Latinos account for a large percentage of the Silicon Valley population (26%).  The Latino community will double in population in the next 30 years, and yet, less than 3% of them are in the high-tech industry.  It is important to note that these statistics are for the industry’s total workforce including non-technical positions.  So, it would be safe to speculate the problem is even greater for technical and executive positions.

The Time To Act Is Now!

Convening and engaging the community for the betterment of Silicon Valley Latinos is one of the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley’s (HFSV) three pillar priorities.  The time has come to convene and engage high-tech leadership around a comprehensive and impactful initiative.  To do just that, the HFSV is proposing the Latinos in Technology Initiative.

The Solution:
Latinos In Technology Initiative (LITI)

Latinos in Technology Initiative will be comprised of two components:

Latinos in Technology Scholarship (LITS)
This program will provide up to 100 scholarships annually for five (5) years to incoming Latino college juniors who have chosen a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) related major. Additionally, sponsoring corporate investors will provide summer internships to the scholarship recipients.

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Family College Success Center (FCSC)
The Family College Success Center is a program devised to provide resources to the East Side San Jose community. The goal is to offer access to information and programs that will empower families to create a roadmap towards a college-oriented future. Through workshops, programs, college advising and information/seminars students will have an opportunity to go to and through college.

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